Soft Rubber Enema Bulb

Cleansing your colon has gotten to be a more common practice today. With all the junk food and additives that are a part of our diets, as well as the contaminants we come in contact with in the environment, we are exposed to more detrimental contaminants than at any time in our history.

Many people believe that these contaminants are trapped in our colons, the last part of the digestive system, and that they leak out toxins into the rest of our bodies. These toxins can cause health complications, they say, as well as cause an overall feeling of malaise. By  cleansing your colon, they believe, you can rid yourself of these toxins and improve your health and overall feeling of well being.

Colon cleansing kits may be used to cleanse your colon. These usually consist of fiber to help push waste through your body and detoxifying agents to rid your body of  toxins. Some also contain anti-parasitics. A cleansing is usually performed over the period of a month.

Everyone doesn't like the idea of taking something orally that is going to pass through their entire digestive tract or that they have to take over a long period of time. There are other systems that you can use to cleanse your colon that don't require either.

Colonic irrigation is usually performed at clinics to use a pump that will pump liquid directly into the colon and rinse away waste. Enemas are similar, but they may be used at a facility or at home. Enemas come ready-to-use over the counter. They have a pre-measured amount of liquid in them for adults or for children.

If you use an enema to relieve yourself from constipation, a ready-to-use enemas will probably offer some relief. If what you want is a more thorough cleansing, then you will probably be better of to use a bag with a soft rubber enema bulb. The bag will allow you to mix your own solution and use more of it per application while the soft rubber enema bulb will let you control the amount of liquid delivered to the colon.

Cleansing your colon doesn't have to be a long procedure, and it can be safe if you don't overdo it. Use caution when trying "great new healing ingredients" and don't use them too often.

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